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Clearminds' Brand Story

Chapter 1: The Ask

A management and consulting firm specializing in the multifamily housing industry. To focus on giving its customers a “clear mind” they needed Logo & Branding to launch their vision, and Website Design to capture new clients.

“A satisfied customer is the best business strategy of all.”

Michael LeBoeuf
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Clearmind Lifestyle
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Clearmind The Visionary

Chapter 2:
The Exploration

Brand Archetype: The Visionary

The Visionary’s ability to offer insight for the greater good showcases their infinite wisdom. As a result, this archetype is a brilliant strategist that can imagine possibilities that reach beyond the multifamily housing industry.

Chapter 3: The Magic


The vision for the brand began by finding its true purpose. Clearmind’s mission was simple: be the guiding force behind every project by providing a clear head and mindset.

Clearmind Logo Black

Chapter 4:
The Results

We delivered a brand that makes a stand by not conforming to traditional industry branding norms. A brand for visionaries.

Clearmind Tagline

Final Chapter: The Love

TTEC is absolutely amazing!If you are ready to start your brand this team is the absolute best to work with. The creativity and seamless process are unmatched! Thank you for everything at Clearmind appreciate you so much!

- Ciara Dean
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