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Datums' Brand Story

Chapter 1: The Ask

During the global pandemic, when the music industry came to a halt, Datum Creative & Datum Studios emerged. TTEC was asked to create a brand that was dominated by the case studies, yet was still modern, recognizable, and could stand on its own within the music industry. Logo & Branding kicked off this vision, Animation & Digital Effects for killer visuals, Campaigns & Strategy to bring the vision to life, and Website Design & Development to capture new clients.

“I am always doing things I can’t do - that’s how I get to do them.”

Pablo Picasso
Datum Creative Business Cards
Datum Splash Page
Datum Credentials
Datum iPhone
Datum Studios Business Cards
Datum The Creator

Chapter 2:
The Exploration

Brand Archetype: The Creator

The Creator trusts in inspiration, innovation, invention, and their own interpretation for their work. This archetype is highly imaginative, with a developed aesthetic that’s needed for the electronic music industry.

Chapter 3: The Magic

Datum derives from Latin for “something given” and refers to a single piece of information. A single piece of information or data is where it all begins, so we built a brand that encompassed this simple essence.

Datum Brand Guidelines Closeup

Chapter 4:
The Results

Purposeful branding. By keeping the branding simple yet purposeful in its elements, Datum’s brand can evolve with every project and client.

Datum Animation

Final Chapter: The Love

AWESOME! I can't speak highly enough of the entire team. Kayla made the whole process a dream, with clear communication and exceptional results. From the moment we started working on Datum's brand, Third Eye has been able to translate my vague ideas into something phenomenal.I'm so excited to get with how everything looks, and I personally feel like I've learned so much throughout the process at the same time.

- David Singleton
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