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Devotion SEOs' Brand Story

Chapter 1: The Ask

Devoted to truth and clarity, Devotion SEO needed Logo & Branding, and Animation & Digital Effects to help redefine the industry by taking a step back and optimizing the way we look at SEO and digital media.

“I believe that if you don’t disrupt yourself, you will be disrupted by someone else.”

Mindy Grossman
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Devotion SEO Tagline 1
Devotion SEO Stamp
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Devotion SEO Shirt
Devotion SEO The Sage

Chapter 2:
The Exploration

Brand Archetype: The Sage

Because the Sage signifies digital competence with added value, this archetype is motivated by independence, rational decision making, and diligent research and understanding of any concept.

Chapter 3: The Magic


A vision born from a movement built around political and cultural propaganda, Devotion’s purpose is to disrupt the traditional ideals of the SEO industry. Inspired by Shepard Fairey and the OBEY movement, the brand direction needed to be rebellious, yet trusted.

Chapter 4:
The Results

With a bold color palette and dynamic brand elements, Devotion stands out in the industry as a brand that pushes boundaries and redefines industry standards. In the competitive industry of digital media, opposing traditional practices is the only way to stand above the rest.

Devotion SEO Animation
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