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Kithoras' Brand Story

Chapter 1: The Ask

Thermo Hash harnesses the Earth’s natural resources to deploy cutting-edge technology for mining crypto. Our task was to introduce Thermo Hash to a new audience of potential investors. Our work included an in-depth exploration of the brand and strategy through Logo & Branding and Website Design.

“I have not failed. I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work.”

Thomas Edison
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Thermo Hash The Innovator

Chapter 2:
The Exploration

Brand Archetype: Innovator


The Innovator thrives on change and would rather ask “Why Not?” than “Why?” while taking on wild and frequent risks that challenge the status quo. This archetype is an opportunity hunter and their big ideas are a catalyst for growth.

Chapter 3: The Magic


Through extensive research, we examined the landscape of green crypto mining and incorporated a pickaxe in the “T” for bitcoin mining, an electrical fuse as the crossbar in the “H’s” for the thermo process, and used the Bitcoin orange color for notability.

Kithora Quechua PRODUCT.png

Chapter 4:
The Results

Through our strategy process, we provided Thermo Hash with a brand that demanded respect and authority in its field. The logo combined insights, electrical elements, and a compelling gradient brand pattern resembling the cooling feature of the crypto mining machines to give potential investors a true Thermo Hash experience.

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