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MommiSaids' Brand Story

Chapter 1: The Ask

A new brand focused on children with special health care needs wanted playful, youthful, and colorful Logo & Branding that would make their health supplements and sensory toys stand above the crowd.

“Everybody has a creative potential and from the moment you can express this creative potential, you can start changing the world.”

Paulo Coelho
MommiSaid Social Graphic
MommiSaid Onsie
MommiSaid Bottles
MommiSaid Brand Guidelines
MommiSaid Social Graphic 2
MommiSaid The Creator and Alchemist

Chapter 2:
The Exploration

Brand Archetype: The Creative Alchemist


Believing in the value of creative expression and transformation, the Creative Alchemist is dedicated, hardworking, and motivated by the potential to create a new vision of the world.

Chapter 3: The Magic


We began with an in-depth look at the company’s goals, the toy and children’s industry as a whole, the special health care needs niche, and the market opportunity for MommiSaid. This inspired an aesthetic moodboard that was bright and playful from top to bottom. 

MommiSaid Logo

Chapter 4:
The Results

Our insights and understanding of the market informed a bold and eye-catching new brand identity and a comprehensive packaging strategy that is sure to disrupt the toy and children’s industry. 

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