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What are Brand Guidelines?

Earthy Fox Brand Guidelines

So you are just starting your branding journey and you are wondering WTF Brand Guidelines are? Brand Guidelines are simple they are the set standards put in place to keep your brand cohesive. Without guidelines in place your brand has a much higher possibility of falling apart platform to platform.

What should an effective brand guidelines include?

  1. Logo Usage

  2. Brand Elements

  3. Font Usage

  4. Color Usage

  5. Brand Voice

Check out one our most recent branding projects, Earthy Fox, and their killer set of brand guidelines.

Earthy Fox Brand Guidelines Logo Usage


This section should outline all the logo marks within a brand and when and how to use them. This will ensure that you are always using the correct logo when marketing your brand.

Earthy Fox Brand Guidelines Brand Elements


A successful brand should have branded elements outside of the logo marks to rely on as well. This can be pattern, icons, filters, etc.

Earthy Fox Brand Guidelines Font Usage


The fonts you use throughout your brand should be consistent and offer variety for different types of content. For example a solid font pairing will utilize a Sans Serif, Serif, and some sort of Condensed, Display, or script to compliment the others.

Earthy Fox Brand Guidelines Color Usage


When selecting your colors you should have emotion in mind. How should your viewers feel when they see your brand colors? What emotion are you trying to convey?

Earthy Fox Brand Guidelines Brand Voice


Your voice is the loudest part of your brand. It’s the way you communicate with your audience. How do you want your audience to hear you?

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